The kitchen used to be the heart of every home. The place where we found connection, community and nourishment. Today, however, we spend 50% less time in the kitchen than previous generations. Instead of cooking  meals in our homes with fresh ingredients to share with those we love, we are eating on the run, ordering out, ordering in and basically giving up our control over what ends up on our plate. With the abundance and accessibility of fast food, frozen and ready-made meals, and generally over-processed and under-nourishing food products, we’ve given away the power we once had when we used local ingredients, ate fresh and cooked EVERY damn day.

FRESH Courage is my way to give you the guts to step up to the stove, grow gardens, support local producers, have dinner parties and potlucks and stop giving up your power to decide what nourishes you. This blog will present largely, but not exclusively, plant-based recipes, as I believe that this is the most sustainable and healthful way to get fresh food to your plate. I will also  feature DIY “life hacks” to take back your power in everyday life and share the stories of local producers and every day “food-fighters” who are giving us all FRESH Courage to live and eat well.  Hoping you’ll join me on this mission and FIGHT for your food!

– Cynthia Thoroski


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Suzanne says:

    Love it!


    1. Thanks for the love. It doesn’t cost much to reconnect to what’s really important in our lives does it! Appreciate your feedback to know that others feel the same way 🙂


  2. Maricarmen says:

    Love this Cytnhia!!! Everything you say is so true.. We spend endless hours and money on things that are not nourishing our bodies and minds.. We really need to take time to take care of ourselves and make time for the things that mayter most.. 😍


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